Ten things you didn't know about Adrian Lim

1. His first paid job was as a Corona soft drinks salesman.

2. He's judged D&AD eight times (including two Black Pencil juries).

3. Adrian has been Creative Director on ghd, Stella Artois, Diesel, Lloyds Bank, Bank of Scotland and Virgin Atlantic.

4. He worked as a Butlin's waiter during the holidays at uni.

5. He knows how to juggle.

6. He used to review plays under a pseudonym for the theatre website whatsonstage.com.

7. His favourite directors are Alfred Hitchcock and Zhang Yimou.

8. He has worked under Dave Trott and David Abbott.

9. He's won D&AD and One Show pencils, Cannes Lions, Clios and Creative Circle awards. 

10. He did actually streak once. But not at a cricket ground.